Yin Yoga Workshop

Yin is a gentle form of yoga performed to stretch and target both the deep connective tissue and fascia throughout the body.  The aim is to regulate the body's flow of energy, increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility.  The primary area's of focus during a practice include the hips, thighs, shoulders and lower spinal area.

Yin yoga asks you to hold the poses for anywhere up to five minutes.  This provides a fantastic opportunity for the body to deeply relax, recover & nourish.  The time spent in the posture allows you to use your breath to calm your entire nervous system, mind and body, feeling those deeply buried fears and tensions melt away. 

*When:  Saturday 23rd July
*Where: Felda Gym (non-members welcome)
*Time:   9:30am - 12pm
*Cost:    €25
*Wear:   Comfortable, warm clothing
*Bring:   Water & a blanket for relaxation
*Book:   087-3737108 / info@shirliyoga.com

Namaste, Shirlí



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