Yin Yoga for the Upper Body

This workshop will focus on the neck, shoulders and upper spine - common problem areas for all of us.  Many of us lead a lifestyle that takes our spine out of alignment for the vast majority of the day.  Hunched at computers, hunched over a steering wheel, hunched over a mobile phone!  You get the picture!

All of these things may feel like the easiest, most natural way to hold yourself but in truth you’re creating tension in your cervical spine (between the base of your skull and the base of your neck and shoulders) and creating imbalances between your chest and back muscles. You’re also putting more pressure on your spine and losing spinal flexibility over time.  And the average human head weighs 11lbs - that's almost a stone of pressure on your cervical spine when out of alignment!

But the good news is we can correct this through a regular yoga practice.  Yin yoga features highly stable poses that you hold for 3-6 minutes. By holding the pose for several minutes, you can stretch not just the muscles, but also your connective tissue to relieve stiffness and gain flexibility and range of motion.

So if you fancy learning more on this topic, then come along on Sunday 7th May.

When?       Sunday, 7th May 10:30am-1pm
Where?     Felda Gym (non-members welcome)
Cost?        €25
Wear?       Wear warm, comfortable clothing
Bring?       Bring your lovely self, some water & a blanket for relaxation if you wish<-
Bookings? Pop me a text to 087-3737108 to book

In this workshop:
* We will learn techniques to release neck tension
* We will realign the shoulders
* We will open the chest muscles to combat rounded shoulders
* We will release tension from the upper back
* We will breath and smile throughout!
* We will conclude with a half hour meditation

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