Yin Yoga to Open the Heart Space

Our hearts go through a lot! From the physical side of things, the heart muscle works tirelessly day in and day out to pump blood around the body but also on an emotional level, the heart copes with loss, sadness, disappointment and heartache. Over time, these experiences can cause us to put up little walls around our hearts.

Meridian lines are part of traditional Chinese medicine and also a part of Yin Yoga. These are the energetic pathways of our bodies. If they become stagnant or stuck it prevents the flow of chi and chi is what is thought to support our natural health and wellbeing.

The meridians for the heart and lungs are concentrated mainly in the upper body so around the chest and deep down into the arms. This workshop will focus primarily on neck, shoulder and upper back stretches to target these meridian lines making it a great practice for anyone with shoulder tension, arm tension or upper back or neck pain.

When our heart chakra (energy centre) is properly aligned, past hurts are said to no longer harm us. We are filled with love, compassion and self-acceptance. This Yin Yoga sequence is designed to draw awareness to the heart space, helping you release past hurts and open up to the infinite possibilities of the future.

When? Sunday 18th February, 10:30am-1pm
Where? Felda Gym (non-members very welcome)
Level? Gentle pace so suitable for complete beginners, also a nice counter practice to more dynamic forms of yoga
Cost? €25
Bring? Just your lovely self & your favourite blanket if you wish
Wear? Warm, loose clothing as the pace is gentle
Book? Through Shirli 087-3737108

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