Restorative Workshop - 14th August

Restorative yoga is a very gentle form of yoga and therefore is suitable for people of all ages and capabilities, even those with little or no yoga experience or those with injuries. 

The beauty of restorative Yoga is that there is no muscular contraction involved. We believe we have to “work” to increase flexibility, but often we achieve more opening in parts of the body that we perceive as tight by softening and relaxing than through an active asana practice. During a restorative Yoga sequence you still stretch, but you relax fully in the stretch, so that tension can slowly be released.

Because the body and mind relax, literally becoming softer, we also create space to get in touch again with our natural qualities of compassion and understanding of others and self.

We will conclude the workshop with a half hour Yoga Nidra - a systematic guided form of meditation that produces a profound relaxing effect on body and mind.

*When:   Sunday 14th August
*Time:   10am - 12:30pm
*Where:  Felda Gym (non-members welcome)
*Fee:      €25
*Bring:   Blanket & water
*Book:   087-3737108 or

Hope to see you soon on your mat,
Keep smiling, keep shining,
Namaste, S x


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