Know Your Yoga Workshop

This Saturday 16th July I am hosting a workshop titled 'Know Your Yoga'

We all do Yoga for different reasons but mainly because it makes us feel good. But do you know how each asana is affecting your body?

When we are in a back bend or forward bend we know we are working the spine and surrounding muscles, but have you ever thought that you are also massaging the liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys and adrenal glands? Which yoga asana would you do to tone the female reproductive organs? To alleviate constipation? To aid your digestion? To stimulate your thyroid gland? To alleviate sciatica? To revitalise the brain? To alleviate lumbago?

Interested in the answers? Then join me on Saturday!
Where: Felda Gym (open to non-members)
When: 12-2:30pm
Cost: €25 (or as always what you can afford if you are financially stressed)
To Book: Pop me a text on 087-3737108 or email

We will move through a yoga sequence featuring forward bends, backward bends, twists & inversions, holding the postures for a little longer than usual while I explain what is happening internally during the posture.

We will then finish with a stress busting and rejuvenating relaxation.


Paschimottanasana - Are We?

a) Toning the pelvic region?
b) Stretching the shoulders? 
c) Relieving sciatica?
Answer: A



Bhujangasana - Are We?
a) Strengthening the wrists?
b) Stretching the calves?
c) Toning the ovaries?
Answer: C


Halasana - Are We?

a) Relieving constipation?
b) Regulating the thyroid?
c) Improving the immune system?
Answer: All 3!

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Until we meet again on the mat, stay smiling, stay positive and stay bendy!

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