Dundalk's first ever 'men only' yoga courses begin

After chatting with numerous male friends I realised that there was

  • A) a need for a class where men could feel comfortable and
  • B) a need for a class where men could put yoga to the test!

A lot of the guys reported feeling uncomfortable joining a class dominated by women as they felt like they were intruding on us united ladies and our love for yoga. They were also worried that us ladies might take their presence in the class the wrong way and think that they were there for more than just the yoga!

Secondly the most frequent statement that came out was “yoga, sure that's something for the missus, not for me”. Yoga is for everyone. That's the beauty of it, young, old, male, female, the benefits apply to all. The structure of the class though can be changed to suit the group of students attending.

So on Friday the 8th of March I launched Dundalk's first ever ‘men only’ yoga in Felda Gym. The guys were surprised firstly by how much flexibility they lacked and secondly by how much strength is involved in holding the poses. I had several text messages the following day about pain in places they didn't know existed! So all in all it was a great success and I was delighted with the numbers that attended and the open mindedness of all the students involved.

If you would like to try out this class to see what it's all about come and join us upstairs in Felda's yoga studio at 6:15pm on Friday evenings.



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