Back Care, Core Love Workshop


The lower back and core muscles are kind of like the walls in your home.  The inside wall supports the outside wall and vice versa.  If either wall gets damagaed or weakened, it will affect the other.  In this workshop we will examine this co-relation between core weakness and lower back discomfort and you will learn:

  • How to stretch & strengthen the spine
  • How to use core muscles to protect the spine
  • How to strengthen your core without causing back discomfort or pain
  • Everyday minial tasks tweaked to support the spine
  • How to modify your yoga practice to suit your condition
  • 3 easy everyday poses to practice at home


When?              Sunday 22nd May 2016, 10:30am -1pm

Where?             Felda Gym (no need to be a member)

How much?      €25

What to bring? Yourself & some water, mats & props are provided

To book your place, call or text Shirlí on 087-3737108, email, fb: shirli yoga

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