108 Moon Salutations

Moon Salutations are a soothing yet empowering variation and counterbalance to classical Sun Salutations. They allow us to honour the yin or feminine side of our energy, in contrast to the Sun Salutations, which are more yang, or masculine, in nature.

Sun Salutation activates the logical and rational mind on the right side of the brain. Moon Salutations on the other hand does exactly the opposite. It works to activate the left side of the body and the brain, removing tension, ego and stress, which are a barrier in connecting with one’s intuition. The practitioner releases hot/angry emotions, learns to be calm, restores balance and connects to his/her inner voice.

The Moon Salutations are especially effective when practiced during the full moon, as this is the most powerful lunar phase. Practicing Moon Salutations outdoors during a full moon is a very powerful practice, as lunar energy can be absorbed for healing, empowerment and intuitive energy. The moon phase affects everything that contains two elements salt and water and so stands to reason that it affects us as the human body on average is 60% water.

They are especially nice to do in the evening as the meditative, tranquil energy of the poses helps to prepare the body and the mind for a restful night’s sleep.

So with all that in mind, I have set a challenge of 108 Moon Salutations on Monday 7th August (full moon day) outdoors on the priests beach in Blackrock. This is the smaller, more private beach across from the church.

When?   Monday 7th August
Time?    7:00-8:30pm
Where?  Priests Beach, Blackrock
Cost?     €15
Wear?    Loose warm clothing
Bring?    Yoga mat & blanket for relaxation if you wish
To Book? Text 087-3737108 or reply by mail


Hope to see you there!
Until we meet again, stay positive & bendy
Shirli x

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