1 Day Retreat - Retreat, Reset, Relearn

I've called this 1 day retreat 'Retreat, Reset & Relearn' because that is the aim of the day. This retreat will include not only yoga and meditation but also information based on the findings of Dr. Wayne Todd in relation to how our nervous system works and sometimes gets stuck in the sympathetic dominant mode (fight or flight mode)


I feel that most of us are walking around at best feeling overwhelmed all the way to the other end of the scary scale of anxiousness and depression. This day retreat is designed to help you off load your existing tension and stress and to learn a new way of responding to stressful events so we don't accumulate so much stress in the future.


The main details are as follows :

When? Sunday 30th June

Where? Slieve Gullion Forest Park

Time? 10am - 16:00pm

Suitable for? Anyone who is feeling tired, overwhelmed & overloaded. No previous yoga or meditation experience required.

Investment? €70/£65 - includes Yoga, Meditation, Presentation & Tea/Coffee

Wear? Comfy loose, warm clothing & walking shoes

Bring? A raincoat & lunch (or purchase lunch in the cafe)

Book? With myself on +353873737108


What the day will look like :

10:00am Arrival & tea/coffee

10:15am Grounding meditation

10:30am Gentle yoga practice

12:00pm SD presentation

13:00pm Lunch Time (Synge & Byrne cafe onsite)

14:00pm SD presentation

15:00pm Walking meditation

15:45pm Q&A

16:00pm Home time feeling empowered & renewed!


What you will take away from this day :

* If your personal nervous system is sympathetic dominant (SD)

* What triggers the nervous system into SD

* How SD affects your digestive health

* How SD affects your ability to conceive

* How SD compromises your immune system

* How SD leaves you feeling anxious and overwhelmed

* Techniques to balance the nervous system & bring you out of SD


Feel free to read on for more indepth information on this life transforming day and please get in touch with any queries you may have.


Lots of love,




How many times do we hear ourselves or others say – I’m so stressed out!
If you’re anything like me you hear that pretty often. Stress can manifest in many different ways and its not all bad. We need a certain amount of stress in our lives to move forward, to achieve whatever it is we’ve set our sights on. This is the way we were designed; stress is what allowed us to out run that lion or to chase down dinner. In today,s world we are less likely to be hunting for our own dinner and more likely to be feeling stress because the supermarket is so busy and we need to be home in time to do X, Y or Z or because the boss has called you in to the office and you’re frantically trying to work out what you did wrong!
Our personal response to stress is influenced by many different factors, our personality, our history, our environment and current situation, to name but a few and we all experience stress slightly differently. For example, the things that might stress me out, you may not even notice. The difference between a person who is stressed out and a person who is not, is not the level of stress in their lives but rather their **response to stress.** Stress is stored in our minds **and** in our bodies. How many times have you believed you are not stressed but you have regular headaches or stomach upsets? In my 7 years of teaching yoga and meditation I have learned that the body and mind are one; learning how to relax both is something that will serve you throughout your life. So, I would like to share with you some techniques and practices that will help **reduce your stress immediately**.
The exercises we will perform through yoga will target the physical symptoms related to stress such as headaches, stomach aches and back pain. The meditation will ease the emotional symptoms such as anxiety and the sensation of being overwhelmed. You will go home with a tool kit to ensure **your stress will not be released for just this one day on retreat but for life.**
Stress is simply the state of being overwhelmed, whether we are overwhelmed by what is in our immediate experience, overwhelmed by our thoughts or overwhelmed by our past. It is my goal to help ease your suffering so you can get back to enjoying and living your best life.

Lots of love,


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